About Well Put

Punning since 2018. We know our shi(r)t. 




A clever t-shirt can make the world a better place. Well, we think so anyways. But our shirts are more than clever -- they are Well Put. They are a form of expression for everyone that wears one. Our shirts let people know you have a kick-ass sense of humor and unbelievably good taste. Yeah, we may be a little biased. So what. It's easy to say, "I hate the Dodgers" but for those of us who are Well Put, we prefer to spin that to "I'm allergic to L.A." It is our sincere hope that Well Put shirts will make their way to closets and stadiums all over the world inspiring smiles, laughs, and random conversations with strangers along the way. Fair warning though, if you don't like attention then these may not be the shirts for you.

Well made. Well received. Well Put.  

Meet the owner.  Kristen Crone.














The Short Version:

Friend: "You should put that on a shirt."

Me: "Great idea." 

And that is how the magic happened!

I love things that bring people together, especially sports. I started  making a few   shirts for myself to wear to games. I kept getting such a great response I decided to make more. Pretty soon it wasn't just wearing my shirts. The brand Well Put is me to a tee (puns always intended). They fit my personality -- they are my personality. It's a great feeling knowing a shirt you created helped put a smile on someone's face. Now go buy a shirt and check out our terms and conditions.